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A story of hope in adversity

‘Malijo Baji – A story of hope in adversity
‘Malijo Baji – A story of hope in adversity

When you are at your lowest point in your life and your loved ones save your life, you have no alternative but to praise God for his mercy. This is story about ‘Malijo Baji, a wife, a mother, a woman of God, HIV activist and motivational speaker.

On that fateful day in 1999, Tebello Sentsó, a vivacious single mother who worked at a spares outlet for a living, went to a local doctor as to get her HIV results. They came out positive. She was shattered. A flood of emotions haunted her mind, self-hate, confusion, self-pity, sadness and all sorts of emotions. Suicide was the only option left to overcome her pain.

However, ‘Malijo celebrates 22 years of a life filled with so much hope, not only for herself but also of the many she has helped with her journey of reinvention and rediscovery.  When she opened up to her family and partner about her status, they were nothing short of supportive and loving. “My mother took me into her arms as I wailed uncontrollably and   told me she loved regardless of my HIV status. My siblings equally soldiered on with me and showered me with love,” says a      jubilant ‘Malijo while reflecting to what she states as the worst day of her life.                   

During her quest to redefine herself and not be defined by the virus, Baji extended her hand to those who fell ill from opportunistic illnesses and opened her home to even perfect strangers. Some of these strangers came to her house knocking at death’s door with below the knee CD4 count. She and her mother, grew accustomed to nursing people back to health and became a safe haven for people who were marred with stigma and discrimination during those times.

‘Malijo has now established herself as a renowned HIV Activist and motivational speaker whose passion for People Living with HIV (PLHIV) to live their best lives is admirable. She has overcome stigma over the years but has led an exemplary life and ministers to broken souls that have been affected by the virus.

‘Malijo NAC salutes you fervently over and over!!!!