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Who We Are?

HIV and AIDS remains a major sustainable human development challenge for Lesotho. Poverty, unemployment and slow behaviour change are among the factors influencing the spread of the epidemic. While the Government of Lesotho has made significant progress in responding to the epidemic, reduction of new infections especially among adolescents and young women has been slow.

Lesotho has committed itself to fast track the 90-90-90 targets by 2020, and is working towards ending AIDS by 2030. Prevention of new HIV infections in adults and children remains the single most important national priority. To achieve these results Lesotho has intensified coverage, access and utilisation of high impact services, prioritised populations most at risk and vulnerable groups, and is making smart investments.

It is for these reasons that the Government of Lesotho has resuscitated the National AIDS Commission (NAC). NAC is expected to provide strategic leadership and governance to ensure that Lesotho does not lose the gains of the past, but also expand them to secure a sustainable future.

Mandate Statement

The Mandate of the Commission is to provide strategic leadership and governance, efficient and effective coordination and management of the National Multi-Sectoral and decentralized HIV and AIDS response, towards ending HIV and AIDS by 2030.

We are committed to our

Vision, Mission and Values


Coordinating national response towards the achievement of the 90:90:90 goals by 2020.


To provide effective leadership and coordination of the national multi-sectoral HIV & AIDS response in pursuit of ending AIDS in Lesotho.


In pursuit of excellence, the Commission shall embrace innovation, integrity, good governance, and provide a caring and participatory environment upholding human dignity of all persons.

Five Key Pillars of HIV Prevention

• Combination Preventions

• Programmes for key populations

• Access to condoms for all

• Voluntary medical male circumcision

• PrEP

National Priority Commitments

The following are the priority commitments for the national multisectoral HIV and AIDS response by 2017/18:
These national priorities are also set against the global 90-90-90 objectives

i. Reduce new HIV infections by 50% by 2018
ii. Reduce AIDS and TB related deaths among people living with HIV and AIDS by 50% by 2018.
iii. Eliminate mother to child transmission and keep mothers alive
iv. Improve efficiency and effectiveness of the national response planning, coordination and service delivery

Prioritised Programmes

The following core programmes were prioritised based on national and global evidence of their efficacy and their potential to contribute to the desired impact results. The prioritisation is also aligned to the “investing for results” thinking that is premised on empirical evidence. In reviewing the national response to HIV and TB, and based on available evidence on the efficacy of interventions (modules), Lesotho has re-prioritised the core programmes as follows –

i. HIV prevention, treatment and care
ii. Elimination of Mother To Child Transmission (eMTCT)
iii. Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC)
iv. Condom promotion and distribution
v. Programmes for Key populations
vi. TB care and prevention
Prevention and Treatment of MDR-TB


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Meet the NAC Leadership

Mr. Tseliso Masemene

Chair Person of the NAC Board

Mrs. Keratile Thabana

Chief Executive of NAC